Commercial Optics

We are proud of our capability of producing optics for the commercial sectors; which are put through stringent processes to ensure superior quality with competitive pricing.


Our capability of producing quality Life Sciences & Biomedical compliant products, spans applications from research to clinical diagnostics. This is achieved by advance engineering knowledge in optics & leadership in innovations.


At Opto Precision, we pride our capability of having the right coating system portfolio for electronic applications. Our coating capability encompasses application for sensors, high power transistors, MEMS, gap and protection layers for thin film & many more.


Demand of optical products in this sector, requires higher resolution illumination and imaging for production and testing tools. We are proud that we continuously drive our products & meeting demand for shorter wavelengths usage in optical system, better wave front performance, and stricter contamination control using our coatings and components.


Our coatings have been tested & applied in various telecommunication industry & application. We’re proud of this heritage & continuously push to greater height in newer application for this industry.


Where harsh & demanding environment leaves no room for error, the exceptional performance, durability, stability and reliability of our products provide the system builder an extra safety margin.


Solar is a new & critical sector, poised for exponential growth for future energy demand. We at Opto Precision pride ourselves of going down this new paths to deliver quality products to propel our business & to stay relevant to the changing demand.