Our Strengths

We have the track record of supply quality products used in demanding conditions such as in the military to the mass volume products used in the consumer electronics industry. We can provide a one-stop, turnkey solution to the supply of optical components or modules. Our capability is comparable to, if not better than, many of the players in the industry.

We are one of the few suppliers of thin film coated plastic components in the region and we work on fast turnaround times. Our prices are competitive against many American, European or Japanese suppliers and you get excellent quality and value-for-money products.

We are situated right in the heart of South-East Asia and near to most leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers. This minimises movement of goods in the supply chain. With the elaborate and efficicent telecommunication and transport infrastructure that Singapore has, we can work effortlessly with our clients throughout the world.

Singapore has a strong Intellectual Property (IP) protection system in place and we uphold the IP rights of our customers. Singapore has also Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with various countries (including USA), where some finished goods originating from Singapore will be free from tariff.