Manufacturing Capabilities

Competencies in Coating:

  • Highly skilled, experienced and innovative engineering team
  • Customized coating design
  • Joint development in establishing coating specifications based on customer’s applications
  • Wavelength coverage from UV, visible to near IR
  • High Output Ion Assisted Deposition(IAD)
  • Advance Plasma Source (APS) assisted deposition (PIAD)
  • High Laser Induced Damage Threshold coatings (LIDT >10J/cm2)
  • Highly environmental stable hard coatings, suitable for harsh environment applications

Typical Types Coating:

  • High efficient anti-reflection coatings: V-coat, Dual-band AR, Triple band AR, high angle AR, Broad-band AR
  • Metallic mirror coatings: UV-enhanced aluminum mirror, enhanced aluminum / silver mirror, gold mirror
  • Dielectric laser line high reflectors: single laser line and multiple wavelengths
  • Broadband dielectric high reflectors: 400nm – 700nm
  • Bandpass filter
  • Narrow band filter
  • Narrow band, deep-blocking Notch Filters (Blocking band <30nm; OD>3)
  • Steep-slop, deep blocking edge filters: LWP; SWP
  • Dichroic colour management filters
  • Beam Splitters: Neutral density BS; Dielectric BS; Immersed BS
  • Polarizing beam splitter / Non-polarizing beam splitter
  • Hot / Cold mirrors
  • Hydrophobic coating (contact angle > 90°)
  • Index-matched transparent conductive ITO coatings: EMI, De-fogging
  • Low reflectance dark chrome coating

Coating Substrates:

  • Optical glass
  • Fused silica
  • Sapphire
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Laser Crystals
  • Silicon wafer
  • Glass wafer
  • Polymers: PC, COC, PS