One-Stop Optics Solutions

Optical Components Fabrication

OC/Optics Solutions/Lapping and Polishing

Double side lapping & polishing machine is able to achieve exceptional transmitted wave front and parallelism while providing a first-rate surface finish.

Optical Thin Film Coating Manufacturing

  • Coating Workshop:
    Class 10k Clean Room Area
OC/Optics Solutions/Optics Prep
  • Leybold APS-1104 Coating Chamber
OC/Optics Solutions/Leybold APS
  • Optics Preparation and Loading Line
OC/Optics Solutions/Optics Preparation
  • Automatic Ultra-Sonic Cleaning System
OC/Optics Solutions/Automatic Ultra-Sonic

Optical Cementing and Assembly

  • From prototype to mass production
  • Cementing of optical components
  • Mounting of lenses
  • Assembly of lens systems
  • Assembly of prisms and filters
  • Assembly of camera modules
  • Assembly of complete Opto-mechanical systems