Quality Assurance System

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Strictly adhering to ISO 9001 procedure, all optical components are inspected carefully by skilled QA technicians, to ensure that only quality products are delivered to our valued customers.

All optical products produced by Opto Precision, conform to its relevant environmental test specifications:

  • ISO 10110
  • MIL-G-174B
  • MIL-C-675C
  • MIL-C- 48497A
  • MIL-M-13508C
  • MIL-O-1383OA
  • DIN 58197

The optical products are inspected by the most advanced and sophisticated quality control equipments available in the market.

Mitutoyo Vision Measuring System

New model with advanced image of new optical system and improved accuracy of z-axis

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Zygo Interferometer

OC/Quality Assurance Systems/Zygo

Measurement of surface distortion of

  • Plano Surfaces
  • Concave spherical surfaces
  • Convex spherical surfaces
  • Aspheric surfaces
  • Windows
  • Prisms
  • Lenses

Measurement of transmitted and reflected wave front quality of

  • Windows
  • Prisms
  • Lenses

Trioptics OptiCentric System

Trioptics OptiCentric System covers all the production steps from the centration measurement to the alignment, cementing and assembly of optics.

Trioptics OptiSpheric is a fully automated optical test station featuring rapid, ultra-accurate and objective performance characterization of a wide variety of optical components and lens systems.

OC/Quality Assurance Systems/Trioptics

Key measuring capabilities:

  • Effecive Focal Length (EFL)
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Back Focus Length (BFL)
  • Radius of Curvature (R)
  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)
  • Wedge Angle
  • Centration Errors in Transmission and Reflection
  • Centration Errors of Aspheric Lenses

Variable Angle Ellipsometer

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Ellipsometer is an instrument that uses polarized light to characterize the property of thin film layers.

Ellipsometry is a versatile and powerful optical technique for the investigation of the dielectric properties (refractive index n and absorption coefficient k) of thin films.


Perkin Elmer Lambda 10150 Spectrophotometer

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Lambda 1050 spectrophotomer is the latest product from Perkin Elmer. It features:

  • Unique three-detector design to provide a full scanning wavelength range from 175nm to 3300nm.
  • An InGaAs detector allows for high sensitive and accurate spectral measurement in the near-infrared (NIR) range in 800 nm to 2600nm.
  • Two large sampling compartments and a variety of snap-in modules and accessories, including a general purpose optical bench, integrating spheres and patented Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) to provide accurate measurement and greater flexibility and sensitivity.