The research in Automotive Industry is rapidly increasing ,steered by the development of breakthrough technologies for a wide range of applications for the safety of drivers, Passengers and pedestrians. With the rising of Artificial Intelligence and Self Driving Car technologies, the need for advance optical solutions to provide vision for the machines is key to their success.  We understand this and have acquired Customers within this space. To date we are experienced in making

1. LiDAR Optics
2. Cameras Optics
3. Sensors Optics

We are ready to be part of your Journey to realizing Self Driving Cars for the future.


Our capability for producing quality Life Sciences & Biomedical compliant optical components, spans applications from research to clinical diagnostics. Through our broad customer base,  we have gained experience & recognition. We are ready to provide Optics Solutions to your Biomedical needs.

Consumer Electronics

Optics technology is at the core of defining the augmented reality/Virtual reality /Mixed reality(AR/VR/MR) experience delivered by smart glasses. We are experienced in coating for various types of Consumer Wearable Electronics and ready to provide Polymer Optics solutions for a lighter experience.


Demand of optical products in this sector, requires higher resolution illumination and imaging for production and testing tools. We are proud that we continuously drive our products & meeting demand for shorter wavelengths usage in optical system, better wave front performance, and stricter contamination control for our Coatings and Components.


Our coatings have been tested & applied in various telecommunication industry & application. We’re proud of this heritage & continuously push to greater height in newer application for this industry. We are ready to provide customized solutions.

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