Thin Film Coating

Customized thin-film coating from UV 200nm until NIR 2,800nm for T, R & Absorption control on various optical grade Substrates & Polymer. Our Capabilities for Coating covers all types: Anti Reflection, Beam Splitters, Filters, Mirrors in a wide variety of spectrum according to your application.

Combined with our other in house capability such as Dicing, Painting, Hard Coat, Bonding, & Assembly we can provide a fuller package to your optical components.



We have in house capability to provide Dicing for coated or uncoated glass substrates with our Disco Dicing Equipment. With this, we are able to further customize the sizes to suit your applications with limited chipping and cosmetic defects. Opto Precision believes in providing solutions, with this capability we are able to do just that. We have diced a multitude of products for various customers on multiple projects.


Opto Precision is in high emissivity / high absorptance black coatings for stray light suppression in high performance optics. The combination of a very low reflectance, high thermal stability, excellent adhesion, and low out gassing in a coating only microns thick is unique. Opto Precision coatings are suitable for essentially all engineering materials - metals and alloys, engineering polymers, silicon, glass, and ceramics.


Hard coating provides lenses with durability and increased longevity. A high quality thermally cured hardcoat provides the best scratch resistance and provides for the most durable ingredient for an AR coating application. Plastic lens materials scratch easier than glass materials and therefore benefit greatly with the application of a durable hardcoat.

Hard coating through dip coating is the right choice for labs that need to coat both sides of uncoated lenses and expect maximum scratch resistance and uniform performance on front and back. It is the most economical solution for high volume labs that are able to coat in batches.


At Opto Precision, we are experienced in cementing / bonding Optical components together, using Optical index matching glue for both Glass and polymer substrates. We also are able to utilize our in house robotic arm to ensure reproducible quality of bonded parts, when it fits the requirements. This enables us to be a one stop customized solutions provider for your optical assembly sub-modules.


Opto Precision is committed to delivering a total optical assembly solution at the highest quality .  We assemble and deliver multi-element optical systems and subassemblies from within our class 10k clean room and utilizing our laminar flow benches.


We house the necessary measurement tools to ensure our optic solutions meets your requirements, and improve our internal processes.


Measuring Optical performance (reflection, transmission) in different AOI (Angle of Incident)

  •   Perkin Elmer Lamda 1050
  •   Perkin Elmer Lamda 850



Measuring surface flatness (PV,power,roughness)in both reflected and transmitted wave @ 632.8nm

  •   Zygo Verifier XPZ


Optical Centration Measurement

Measuring EFL,BFL,FFL, centering error

  • Trioptics OptiCentric® with Opti Spheric Upgrade


Vision Measurement Machine

Our quick vision enables us to measure various optic component with  accuracy,precision and speed.

  • Mitutoyo Quick Vision ELF



 Capturing images for failure analysis up to x 500 magnitude.



Handheld Equipment

  • Mitutoyo Verneir Caliper (up to 300mm)
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer (up to 75mm)
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic indicator (Up to  12.5mm)


Visual Inspection

The team are trained in both  MIL – PRF – 13830B &  ISO 10110 cosmetic standards and have the necessary tools to inspect for Scratch & Dig and other cosmetics defects that can effect Optic performances. Our Inspection set up follows according to best practices & international standards, coupled with our know how in inspection lighting  conditions, we detect defects to ensure only good parts are processed and delivered.



We follow strict calibration procedures and our metrologist is trained in measurement system analysis. We are able to conduct attribute agreement analysis, Gauge R&R studies and to ensure our Optics Solutions are delivered with precision and accuracy, and enables us to improve our process capability.

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